You’ve Got Something To Say, But Should You Post It On Social Media? 🤔

This guided journal allows you to express your stress and release all of your rude responses without losing your job, peace, edges, or life! Say what you really want to say about whatever gets on your last nerve. 😤

Or maybe you know someone on the edge—help me help them. They really shouldn't be posting about how much they hate their their job.👀

Listen, there’s a lot of foolishness out there on the internet. While it is a great place to share your perspective and voice, sometimes our first thoughts aren't our best (and they definitely ain't the kindest😂 ). This isn't about holding back, but being more thoughtful with our words. All jokes aside, they have tremendous power. 

Don’t Post That is for all the no-filter, but that’s not how any of this works, is it just me or am I crazy, straight-no-chaser smartypants, cynics, realists, and truthtellers who have something to get off their chest but don’t want to lose their peace or job…


What's Inside the Journal? 👀

This is NOT a prim and pretty journal but a place for all the mess you need to get off your chest. Tips and prompts encourage you to be vulnerable and pour out your frustration on the page instead of social media…or other people. It blends hope and humor (and a hint of Southern sass) to write it out. These features will help journaling pros and newbies alike get stuff off their minds.

Journaling Prompts

Write about stupid stuff, crazies, them kids, that Facebook friend who keeps posting about their relationship🙄, just all the mess without shame. It's your journal you can cry, complain, and call out if you want to.

Peace Protocols

As right as you are, sometimes silence is golden…or whatever. These simple principles and mess-free maxims help you guard your heart and mind against trolls and fools. It really is a matter of self-care.

What The Blank Pages

Gather your thoughts instead of people. Make a list. Tell a story. Write a rude letter and rip it up. Use these blank journaling pages for moments when you need to get it all out, quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Frustration Illustrations

You can't throw a temper tantrum like a 3-year-old but you can draw like one. Super-easy prompts push you to draw stick figures and engage in “mad coloring.” Don't go off. Go alllll the way outside the lines!


I Need This Now

I almost lost it all TODAY😩. I already know if I don’t get this stuff off my chest, I’m going to lose it. Help Me.

Please Send My Signed Copy ASAP

I’m Not Sure Yet...

I might need help saving my job, peace, edges, and life🤔. Just in case, send me more details about this book thingy.

I'd Like to Know More

👍👍Recent Reviews


I love this journal! I like how easy it is to comprehend. I enjoy answering the questions especially when I was just about to post something that I would probably regret doing later on! This journal helps me to control my Social Media Actions!


The author takes a humorous approach to addressing this issue by encouraging us to think deeper, process emotions, and reflect before posting something we end up regretting. I enjoy the journal approach to venting and thinking things out beforehand. She also leaves room for free form writing. It's a great way to "guard your heart and mind against Internet and real life foolishness."


Meet Lakeshia

Protector of Jobs, Peace, Edges, and Lives

I’m a Taurus. I was on the debate team in high school. I was Pre-Law in college. I’m an Enneagram 5. I raised a whole teenager. I'm a Southern lady who sees all. I know how to form a good argument. I have very strong opinions and I’m usually right, okay?

I'm pretty active on social media...but the idea of reading or responding to flawed theories and long Facebook paragraphs irks me. I’m also a friend to many opinionated people who love their jobs and peace too.

I don’t like when people comment before reading an article. Or when they share badly-lit food photos. My blood pressure rises when I see ignorant theories. But you know what, I choose to keep the peace and write. It's SO cathartic and he's me to maintain my character.

As a public relations consultant, I’ve spent over 15 years helping people and big brands get their words just right. And as an author, I know the transformative power of words. I believe we should wield them wisely. 

I created Don’t Post That to help fellow always-right know-it-alls set the record straight and redirect their attention to what matters most.