Do You Want to Spend the Next Month in Fear or Faith?

Faith Beats Fear shows you how to grow from worrier to warrior in 31 Days through story and scripture. 

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Are You Fed Up With All the Fear?

It's everywhere. On TV. On your social media timeline. At home. In your heart and mind. 

Well, it's time we do something about that. it doesn't have to be this way. Faith Beats Fear is an inspirational and interactive book. You will be guided and supported as you grow your faith and fight against fear each day. Step-by-step, story-by-story, scripture-by-scripture, you will break down all forms of fear and learn how to activate your faith in a practical and purposeful way. All you need is 20 minutes a day to grow from worrier to warrior...

Daily Journaling

Respond to writing prompts that help you share more about your fears.

Daily Scriptures

Read Scriptures about faith and the Spirit of power, love, and sound mind within you. 

Daily Affirmations

Activate your faith and declare God’s goodness and faithfulness every day.

Daily Acts of Faith

Choose simple, everyday actions that will move you from fear to faith.

Here's What Readers Say About Faith Beats Fear...


This book is very inspirational. It motivates you when you need it most. The lessons were relatable and very much encouraging.


I read this book and felt optimistic about so many things that I was ready to give up on. It really helped me in my time of need.


This book suggested a strategy for getting back to my faith that was so simple, yet profound. I found this book relatable, honest and encouraging.


Excellent writing with poignant stories which spoke to my heart and brought tears to my eyes and soul. If you tend to be fearful or have thoughts that you are not enough, this book is for you.


This book was truly inspirational. It's a pep talk for the soul. The journaling part is great. It helps to write things down so it’s in black and white so I can pray on it and watch how things are changing. Wonderful book.


I loved this book, it is full of inspiration, overcoming disappointments, fears and challenges. I would recommend this book to those who love or are need of a little faith building.


All my life I have been a chronic worrier. I remember worrying about everything even from my earliest childhood memories. I do believe it was a learned behavior from my mother, another chronic worrier. This book set me free!


#FaithBeatsFear has definitely become a mantra for me in my everyday life. This book shows you the how you can defeat the worries, fear, & disbelief that creep into your mind. I recommend this book to anyone! Definitely a game changer for you spiritually and mentally!


Most people live in fear over one thing or another, but Poole shows how "Faith beats Fear" in every arena. Her mastery with short stories draws you in and brings the message home.

We're Surrounded By Fear...

Fear of sickness. Fear of job loss. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. Fear of the future. You want to believe it will all work out, but constant bad news, anxiety, and stress are overwhelming. How do you fight back? It's time to rediscover God's power, love, and sound mind.

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From Last Place to First...

Watch Author Lakeshia Poole Break Down a Short Story

Faith Beats Fear is unique because we use short, fictional stories that entertain and engage you. This isn't some boring "how-to" book. It's not self-help but self-discovery. Explore faith through characters from all walks of life and gain insight into how you can fight everyday fear.